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"She Moves In Her Own Way" | The Kooks

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Things that don’t exist 

The pineapple/owl though

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Show me your smile

Vine by: Kassie Medlin


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unposeur asked:
For the roommate things, I find generally roommates are just shitty. There's often going to be at least one person who is inconsiderate so mostly I think the best thing is just to make sure it doesn't ruin your day. She's likely not going to change these behaviours for you because you are a roommate and not anyone she needs in her life (blunt, sorry). Be calm, allow yourself to be assertive about your own needs, but remember that it's just a temporary roommate.

Okay, fair, but we share a living space. I’ve tried to not let it ruin my day for the past year that she’s lived here and I’m confident that that just doesn’t work for me. I wouldn’t expect her or any other person I live with to just put up with my behaviours that drive them up the wall. Living with other people means talking about stuff that makes you/them uncomfortable in their own home and coming up with a solution or compromise so everyone is as happy as can be arranged. Why should I sit put and let her be inconsiderate to the rest of the household when she should be watching what she’s doing? Idk.


I feel very strongly that she needs to change some behaviours because it’s just part of moving in and living with others, but then also I feel like I’m all talk because I can’t bring myself to actually bring it up in a super serious way without attempting to be 100% Ms Pleasant Polly.


Thanks for the input though bebs <3

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truthofshadows asked:
I loved Miracle Day as well! :)

Yeah!! So so good. Still not okay with [spoiler ahead]

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unposeur asked:
hey bb just casually calling you out about using "spirit animal" it's apparently super offensive to native humans <3 love youuu and miss you so much

Thanks girlie. Read somewhere that someone sometime used Patronus in place of spirit animal to convey what they wanted to say and I think that’s super cool and would vibe well with my inner HP fan so that’s what I’mma go back an do0o.

It’s true. Once I start to confront someone, even nicely, my heart starts racing and that sound fills my ears and it feels like my heart is going to jump right out of my chest. Ugh, it’s the worst.

I confronted one of my roommates this morning because she was stomping around the house and I could hear it from IN the shower. IN THE SHOWER. And this is something she’s always done and I’ve tried to mention it nicely before or jokingly but she doesn’t get it. I’m sure she’s probably clueless about it but for fuck’s sake, when someone is bringing it up to you multiple times you’d think you would clue in and be more conscious about it.

Nope, not her.

So as I’m leaving the bathroom I poke my head over to the kitchen and say, “hey, would you mind not stompin’ all over the house?” in a bit of a jovial way, and off the bat she’s huffy and says “yeah well I was trying to get David up and I’m in a hurry because I have to leave [blah blah blah blah etc.]” so I responded, “yeah, but you know, people are sleeping and stuff” referring to our other roommate whose room is between the stairs that she stomps down and the WR and kitchen. Her response: ‘Yeah well you’re up so why do you care” as she stomps into the bathroom and shuts the door.

Fine, I point out annoying shit that she does around the house sometimes. That’s because its annoying and inconsiderate. She’s used my toiletries and eaten my food. When I’ve done a major clean in the kitchen or around the house, she’ll leave it dirty and/or messy. Whenever her stupid boyfriend comes over [who treats her like she’s meant to do everything for him and like she’s a fucking idiot] she makes a FEAST and then either leaves the kitchen dirty or will do a half-assed job of ‘cleaning’. While he’s over she’ll claim the living room and kitchen as being in use so myself and our other roommate are banished to our rooms. She’ll do laundry then hang everything to dry on clothes racks and around the living room for a day, more/less, making our living space annoying to live in.

While I do point this stuff out when I’m able to prove that she’s doing it, I don’t do it nearly as often as I should, as often as she does it. I don’t because confrontation fucking kills me and I feel like I’m going to have a gd heart attack. I get so flustered because how is it that she needs someone to point this shit out? This is common sense when you’re living with other people.

It’s as if she has no concept of how to be considerate of other people’s space. She’s lived away from home once, while she was in university, with other students, so clearly she knows how to live the “student life” quite well.

I just talked to my mom about it and she pointed out that my fear of confrontation often results in me making myself uncomfortable in order to please other people or not disturb them or hurt their feelings, and that I need to stop because it’s only hurting me; I’m only hurting myself.

It’s true, but man, I just really hate living with her, and I really hate talking to her.

Anyone else been/is in a similar situation? What did you do or what did you wish you did?


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Ilana Glazer (from Broad City) has a webseries where she gets high and plays video games and it’s exactly as perfect as you think it is.

Ilana girl, if I had a patronus, it would be you.

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"I aim to be
but my
hands still
and my voice
isn’t quite

Michelle K., Earning Your Roar.

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Yaaaaay besties! PS Yennie you are supa cute.