"Schools have classes called “women’s studies,” and “African-American literature” because the standard for existence set by white men has yet to be rescinded in this age. “Normal” history is the history of a certain class of white people, from the perspective of men. All the other histories are precisely that: other."

Cunt:  A Declaration of Independence.

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Fishfingers & Custard Flavoured Pop-Tardis

"I never could bear the idea of anyone expecting something from me. It always made me want to do just the opposite."

Jean-Paul Sartre, “No Exit.” from No Exit and Three Other Plays (Vintage, 1989)

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World, just give me the hot sun again and music outdoors and I will love you forever. #tbt #Coachella 2011

#tbt The sweet-ass desert #sun setting against palm trees in #Indio #Coachella 2011 @jenniferdipaolo @danieladp_ @jessicazita_

Synesthesia Confessions

SEP. 30, 2012 

I want you to see me as a whole person. I go to school and I take classes and they take up a lot of time when I do them right. I like doing them right. Some are easy and make me feel smart, and some are hard and confusing and make me feel small. I study architecture because it is brown and orange and feels like old plush carpet against the pads of your bare foot. So does October. Architecture is best in October.

I have sex sometimes and it’s silver and feels like the number 6, but I also get colds sometimes and watch Netflix in my pajamas. I go to parks to see senses and poetry mixing together, and I go running because it’s a white creamy puddle with bright red flakes floating on top. I also run when I feel fat or when I think it’s going to rain, because rain feels like Willie Nelson and the world through blue-gray sunglasses that smell like velvet and sore hamstrings. I like running best in December and January, because those months are blue-gray too, and it’s nice when things match. Running should match the months, so December and January it is.

I like Thai food real spicy, and I drink my coffee black and bourbon straight. I think it’s because tastes are RICH like the number 17, and sharp tastes feel like ice cold water in a dark cave and stepping on a sharp rock, and then laying in a clean sleeping bag with freshly shaved legs, and falling asleep in knit socks.

I have favorite songs that taste like hot, oozing lasagna, and I want to be a poet, but I also want to be a teacher, and a mathematician, and an engineer, and someone else’s lasagna, someday. I’d like to be someone’s Van Morrison or Talking Heads or Bird in Space, or that feeling I get when I’m lost in a pad of paper and an old box of colored pencils, and colors are more important than Rousseau’s Emile or eigenvalues in linear algebra. Colors are number 7. Drawing feels like corduroy.

I want you to know that fresh fruit tastes like secular love, and roasted vegetables with black pepper taste like family and dairy tastes like exhaustion. Seafood tastes like families that aren’t mine, but scallops taste like long simple kisses. I want you to understand that rice tastes like no one, so I don’t eat it.

I want you to see me as someone who eats and sees and needs sleep and exercise — just like you! I want you to sit on the porch swing inside my head and just be my lasagna for a little while. We can wear sweaters. Porch swings are light purple. TC mark




Women have to do so little to be declared “man haters”. All we have to do is name male violence for what it is. It is at this point the patriarchally minded step in and throw the “man hating” cliche into the mix. But in doing so, what men have done to women is forgotten, brushed under the carpet, ushered into the corner with candy with the hope it’ll be forgotten.

But for a man to be declared a “woman hater” he has to do so much more. Even when men abuse, rape, prostitute and kill women, they’re excused… His victim’s actions are looked for as if his hatred was a logical reaction to her own actions.

The liberals forget how ingrained woman hating is… from that moment a baby is killed for being female, to the child’s growth, through adulthood- womanhood is something to be despised, to be destroyed. Women are hated freely and easily. Men become the untouchables… we are not allowed to criticise them, lest we be labelled men haters.

But if all it takes to be labelled a man hater is to speak out unrelentlessly against male violence, to despise the violence done to my sisters, then I’ll wear that label… I’ll write it myself, and I’ll scream it from the rooftops. I’d rather be a man hater than stop addressing male violence for what it is.




Jumilla, Spain

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Abandoned palace in Guzów, Poland

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My best friend Chelsea is soooooooooo cooooooooolllll


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Oh my gosh you guys, Jennifer loves me soooooooooooo muuuuuccchhhh.

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work on being more assertive about things that bother you then m'loveeee!

Yeeaahh I know, it’s a major downfall of mine. Definitely something I need to work on.