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wasn’t this the episode where he dressed up as a woman on a bet because he thought women were overreacting?

This show was progressive beyond it’s years

I got half way through the photoset before I remembered this is the one with Shaun in drag

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When men imagine a female uprising, they imagine a world in which women rule men as men have ruled women.

Sally Kempton

I feel this is very important.

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It’s been apparent to me for a while that most men can’t really imagine “equality.”  All they can imagine is having the existing power structure inverted.

I cannot decide whether this shows how unimaginative they are, or shows how aware they must be of what they do in order to so deeply fear having it turned on them.

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"Most men can’t really imagine “equality.”  All they can imagine is having the existing power structure inverted."

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In the absence of those materials, I found what I was looking for—confirmation that lesbian-to-lesbian sexual assault is a story that needs to be told, and an issue for which we have to create our own archives and resources. But first, we need to acknowledge that it happens. In-community sexual assault is a reality in our lives as queers. Silencing, shaming, and avoidance won’t help anyone. At least, it didn’t help me, and it certainly didn’t make it go away. I hope the more we talk about sexual violence between queer women, there will be less confusion and stigma, and more awareness about the factors that make this a distinctly queer and feminist issue. With that awareness, and acknowledging that we as lesbians are not immune to the perpetration, survival, and witness of sexual violence in our communities, we can work together to develop support and education around consent for queer women, and leave a legacy for younger lesbians to rely on.
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Wanna make.

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the worst kind of misogyny

is the kind that seeps out of your uncle’s mouth at christmas dinner

or from your favorite movie you’ve watched 500 times

or that snide comment your cousin makes on vacation

from the people you trust

and so quick

so slickly spoken

you barely catch it 

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#feminism #feminist #bloordale

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Whenever someone asks me for recommendations on books to read about feminism that is not RIOT GRRRL IS EVERYTHING 5EVER I recommend this book first. I wish tumblr search was easier to do, because when I first read through it I talked about each chapter in depth on tumblr and it’s totally lost in the abyss. It’s a great primer to movements NOT focused on riot grrrl culture and a very easy and interesting read, which isn’t easy considering sometimes Gender Studies books can be dry as fuck. 

Posting for future reference.

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Please Help Me Spread the Word!


Q.) What’s your beef with the content on some of those subreddits? It can’t be that bad, right?

A.) Wrong. I’ll show you why after the break line. But first, I must place a *Severe Trigger Warning (graphic, explicit, and just plain upsetting content/imagery)* for the rest of this pending post.

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Their misunderstanding of feminist politics reflects the reality that most folks learn about feminism from patriarchal mass media.
Bell Hooks, Feminism is for Everybody, page 1
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Ever wonder why I’m on a feminist rampage?


Because the media reacts like this when we’re less than perfect. Because our emotional range gets stunted and limited.

Because so many aspects of our culture normalize rape on a subconscious level.

Because Kansas and Arizona pass bills that allows the beliefs of a doctor or pharmacist to trump the health of a woman. And because fetuses are becoming increasingly more important than the woman carrying them.

Because a state representative can compare a woman giving birth to livestock.

Because legislature that criminalizes pregnancy and abortion are being forced into discussion again and again

Because the rest of the world wants to know why American women aren’t angrier.

Because of bills that limit the time frame of my choices.

Because for some reason, religion is a legitimate reason to interfere in my uterus.

Because the Protect Life Act even exists.

Because women who miscarry or lose their babies are being charged with murder.

Because a woman who tried to commit suicide while pregnant was jailed and charged with feticide.

Because mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasound probes are legally defined as rape.

Because ectogenesis technology could further remove birthing rights from a mother.

Because programs like this even have to exist.

Because birth control is suddenly a religious issue. Because women can be fired for using birth control as a contraceptive. Because the benefits of no-cost or inexpensive birth control are overlooked. Because ignorance necessitates posts like this.

Because again and again, organizations like the Medicaid Woman’s Health Program are seen as unnecessary. Because even the Susan G. Komen Foundation tried to stop funding Planned Parenthood. And if you think we’re past that, think again.

Because America ranks among a very small number of countries that don’t have paid, mandatory pregnancy leave. In fact, women routinely get forced out of their jobs for being pregnant.

Because public discourse from men like Rush Limbaugh is insulting and misogynistic and goes mostly unpunished.

Because the U.S. Military has some of the highest rape rates and most reprehensible policies for dealing with them.

Because women are bitches for saying no and sluts for saying yes. Because we are valued by how many or few cocks have been in our vaginas.

Because this is normal.

Because I don’t know a single woman who has not been harassed, derided, assaulted. Because I know many women and girls who have been raped. Because I’ve seen the long term, life long repercussions of sexual abuse.

Don’t tell me there isn’t a war on women. And don’t tell me the economy is more important than this. This barely scratches the surface.

Repeat after Soraya Chemaly: I am a woman and I have these human rights. The right to life. The right to privacy. The right to freedom. The right to bodily integrity. The right to decide when and how I reproduce.

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On Taking Yourself Seriously ►

Long read but seriously worth the read.

Filing this under: things to read whenever I start to feel uninspired / misguided.