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Hey everybody, listen up! Water has something to say…


Stop being such a creep water.



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Slap Upside The Head: An illustrated LGBT news blog

There are quite a few blogs that just grab any image they can find to image to illustrate an article, but Slap Upside The Head doesn’t settle for that. Slap Upside The Head is an LGBT news blog that illustrates its articles with humorous, satirical, or clever comics.

Run by a 31 year old Canadian man named “Mark,” the blog covers LGBT-related topics such as politics, homophobia, same-sex marriage, and LGBT culture.

Slap Upside The Head has been voted the Best GLBT Blog in Canada for four years in a row at the Canadian Blog Awards.

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by Evan Stremke 


by mpke

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Jeroen van Eerden (Netherlands) - Portfolio

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EYEDiA - Light Bulb

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