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That Awkward Moment When…



Mitt Romney’s Slogan, “Keep America American” was the same slogan used by the KKK in 1922…


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  • Mitt Romney: If you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community, you are looking at him.
  • Black people: what
  • White people: what
  • Mexican people: what
  • Asian people: what
  • Young children: what
  • My cat: what
  • The large rock in my backyard: what
  • Time: what
  • Space: what
  • Light: what
  • Literally the entire universe: what
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“Romney’s family misspell their last name in the greatest Freudian slip in history.”

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“I was born and raised here. I love the state. It seems right here. Trees are the right height. I like — I like seeing the lakes. I love the lakes. Something very special here. The Great Lakes but also all the little inland lakes that dot the parts of Michigan. I love cars. I don’t know — I mean, I grew up totally in love with cars…. I love cars. I love American cars.” -Mitt Romney in Michigan, February 2012.

But watch the video. The transcript doesn’t do it justice.

Completely forgot that I had this sitting in my drafts. A little irrelevant now, but nevertheless - still funny.