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Whats your craziest story that involves nudity?

One time in about grade 3 or something, during recess a bunch of kids were playing some random ass game and one of the boys said something to the effect of me not being a girl and I was all ‘am too’ and they were all ‘dare you to prove it’ so I pulled my pants down to prove it.

My parents were called into the school and I had to sit down and have a talk with them in the principal’s office.

I don’t even know what was going through my mind [clearly nothing of substance since I pulled down my pants in the middle of the yard during recess hahah] but uh, yeah….. it’s a good story I guess. It’s just so odd because it’s not like I was a tomboy or anything and it never even crossed my mind to be offended, it was more like a ‘lol wut’s dis guy talkin’ ‘bout?’ thing.

Sorry if this wasn’t the kind of response you were looking for Mr/Mrs. Anon but it’s the best one I could find in the memory bank.