It’s true. Once I start to confront someone, even nicely, my heart starts racing and that sound fills my ears and it feels like my heart is going to jump right out of my chest. Ugh, it’s the worst.

I confronted one of my roommates this morning because she was stomping around the house and I could hear it from IN the shower. IN THE SHOWER. And this is something she’s always done and I’ve tried to mention it nicely before or jokingly but she doesn’t get it. I’m sure she’s probably clueless about it but for fuck’s sake, when someone is bringing it up to you multiple times you’d think you would clue in and be more conscious about it.

Nope, not her.

So as I’m leaving the bathroom I poke my head over to the kitchen and say, “hey, would you mind not stompin’ all over the house?” in a bit of a jovial way, and off the bat she’s huffy and says “yeah well I was trying to get David up and I’m in a hurry because I have to leave [blah blah blah blah etc.]” so I responded, “yeah, but you know, people are sleeping and stuff” referring to our other roommate whose room is between the stairs that she stomps down and the WR and kitchen. Her response: ‘Yeah well you’re up so why do you care” as she stomps into the bathroom and shuts the door.

Fine, I point out annoying shit that she does around the house sometimes. That’s because its annoying and inconsiderate. She’s used my toiletries and eaten my food. When I’ve done a major clean in the kitchen or around the house, she’ll leave it dirty and/or messy. Whenever her stupid boyfriend comes over [who treats her like she’s meant to do everything for him and like she’s a fucking idiot] she makes a FEAST and then either leaves the kitchen dirty or will do a half-assed job of ‘cleaning’. While he’s over she’ll claim the living room and kitchen as being in use so myself and our other roommate are banished to our rooms. She’ll do laundry then hang everything to dry on clothes racks and around the living room for a day, more/less, making our living space annoying to live in.

While I do point this stuff out when I’m able to prove that she’s doing it, I don’t do it nearly as often as I should, as often as she does it. I don’t because confrontation fucking kills me and I feel like I’m going to have a gd heart attack. I get so flustered because how is it that she needs someone to point this shit out? This is common sense when you’re living with other people.

It’s as if she has no concept of how to be considerate of other people’s space. She’s lived away from home once, while she was in university, with other students, so clearly she knows how to live the “student life” quite well.

I just talked to my mom about it and she pointed out that my fear of confrontation often results in me making myself uncomfortable in order to please other people or not disturb them or hurt their feelings, and that I need to stop because it’s only hurting me; I’m only hurting myself.

It’s true, but man, I just really hate living with her, and I really hate talking to her.

Anyone else been/is in a similar situation? What did you do or what did you wish you did?

Yaaaaay besties! PS Yennie you are supa cute.

"I have ruined relationships for fear of ruining those relationships."

Neil Hilborn

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It’s hard enough to be frustrated while trying to figure something out when you want to figure it out and do it,

Let alone when you don’t want to figure it out because it’s so fucking annoying and such a huge hassle.



Feeling very frustrated and overwhelmed right now and I’m running on like 3.5 hrs sleep so this is not the best combination of things. I just want to quit already and focus on finding a new job.

So. Frustrating.

So. Overwhelmed.

Man, I have the absolute bestest friends a gal could ask for.

Smart, funny, politically aware, babely, understanding, supportive, and everything else a best friend should be and more (not that best friends necessarily should be babely, but mine are and they deserve to have that called out as well).

I had such an amazing time with you guys tonight ( as always) and I love our best friendship with all of my heart and soul. If we ever did adopt a child together as three mothers, we would raise one helluva badass human.

I loooooooooove yous.

This will be my mantra, whatever happens at work this week. If my boss is gone and this new guy is shit, I have options.

I am not deserted, I am not stuck, I have options.

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Rant -

I don’t want to work somewhere anymore where I’m fucking elated that it’s Friday. I shouldn’t hate this shit so much. I spend that majority of my time here and it makes me so stressed out ffs uurrraaagggghhhhhh. CS sucks because people are demanding and needy and incompetent and dum~

Just signed myself up for a ConEd class!

Nothing crazy, just a GenEd class on gardening and stuff, but I feel like my brain and learning has become stagnant so this is the perfect solution. It’s 2 hours, once per week, for 8 weeks. Easy peasy.

Recently I’ve been thinking about going back to school (again) but I don’t want to jump into College without knowing if I’m ready or not. I know my attention span is crazy low and I’m super indecisive, so taking this one class for a short period of time will be perfecto.

Yaaaaay life!

Bought myself a pressie today


Hey tumblrverse,

I’m heading to Montreal this weekend with my lady and I’m trying to look up fun food places and bars and stuff to do while we’re there. If anyone has any suggestions for anything to do or anywhere to go this weekend, even if it’s small, not only will I greatly appreciate it but I will also keep you forever in my mind as I scroll through my dash for eternity to infinity and beyond.

I am particularly interested in

  • Queer/lady bars
  • Bars for shows/general fun times
  • Your fave poutine place
  • Your fave bagel place (I have a love affair with St. Viateur but am willing to open up the relationship)
  • Your fave deli (smoked meat in my belly)
  • Holes in the wall
  • Cutesy pootsy shops
  • Any things going on
  • Any free things going on

Staying in Mile End if that makes a difference to anyone.

< cue business speak> I thank you in advance and await your prompt replies.

Best regards,

Chelsea the not-funny person

Today was one of my more productive days at work and while I didn’t get everything done, I am starting to almost feel settled again since the holidays. I am content.

I see me. Here.

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I would be 100x worse in the winter if I didn’t love winter so much. 
Positive winter attitude is actually so helpful.
Also lots of vitamin D supplements. 

RIGHT?! Last winter kicked my ass and beat my chest inward and left me feeling hopeless so I decided to at least have an “oh well” attitude toward winter this year. I sill hate this weather and it makes me not want to do anything but I’m forcing myself to notice any time I start to get down and feel hopeless about doing things and either say things like “but I LIKE staying in and binge-watching Dr. Who” or “well shit’s gotta get done so get your ass out there, then you can come back home and get all cozy and shit”

Ummmmmmmmmmm yeah ya are! On the interwebsz & in real lifesz.