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I wish my blog wasn’t as public as it’s gotten. I don’t mean as in how many followers I have - because I love it, and I love you guys - however it’s gotten to the point now where I have to censor certain things I post and write about because of certain people who I know have access to my blog. I just want to be able to post freely and explore my thoughts again without worry of who’s going to see it and how its being seen is going to affect certain aspects of my life.

Perhaps I’ll start a separate, more personal blog and just not tell anyone I know the link. Maybe.

TSA cheat sheet: know your rights! ►

The TSA Rights (PDF) bust-card is a handy single-sheet list of all your rights at a TSA checkpoint; on the reverse is an airport-by-airport list of TSA supervisors and their direct numbers, along with leaked excerpts from the TSA standard operating procedure manual.