I don’t have the attention span for this. I don’t have the motivation for this.

I don’t even have the motivation to make a cheat sheet.

I’ve been in the library for about 45 mins now and have done nothing but read the newspaper, pick up a 9am drunk dial, and make this beautiful study guide. I’m so lame. Why do you guys follow me?


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SOMMFL, esp rn… i have so much to do and so few fucks to give…

and i realize i type in short-hand far too much.

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A note, as we enter into the exam period…


Pep talk: Yes, it would have been nice if you’d started studying last week, but you didn’t so, oh well. You’re going to have to forgive yourself and start preparing. Shove that knowledge into your brain! Some of it will stick. The time has come to make up songs and devices to lodge those facts into your memory. This is going to turn out fine. If cramming didn’t work, why would everyone do it?
Today remind yourself: Cramming works.