Yaaaaay besties! PS Yennie you are supa cute.


Alright so these period cramps are making me feel like I’m going to puke so I’m going to go make tea, curl up into a ball, and watch as much doctor who as possible until tonight when I will hopefully feel well enough to go see Andrea Gibson.

Someone on Facebook just posted a status asking if it were true that Rob Ford was going to the Oscars. Amidst some other comments, this came up:

  • "Watch as it turns out that Rob Ford was actually an actor this whole time, and footage from his time in office has been secretly compiled into a comedic documentary which will premier at the Oscars. He'll give a speech about how brilliantly he's fooled the world, and before the angry crowds can get to him he'll somehow disappear without a trace and escape to a secluded inlet in Norway (which shall be called Rob Fjord) while the world reels from shock and Toronto institutes a real mayor."



Dilly Dally


Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Silver Dollar Room

This show was so so sos os o so so so so so so so so sos osos SO GOOD I just want to go see them again and again and again.

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Later, #Toronto! #Montreal, We gon’ be in you soon~


super babely girlfriend with lovecupcakes :3 

I made things for Regretro's 1st birthday and for am-photo's 27th's birthday.

#DillyDally round three. #Garrison #Toronto (at The Garrison)

Well of course I’m going to take a picture of my amazing food….. #SavingGrace #Toronto #brunch with @dhickey_ :)))

#DillyDally at the #SilverDollar #Toronto

On Saturday

I went to Sneaky Dee’s with Jenn and others after predrinking at her place, after predrinking at a family dinner, after predrinking at my mom’s. Once at Sneak’s I unknowingly sacked a bouncer, performed a dance routine of epic proportions, and told a random girl I crossed paths with that Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’ that was playing at the time was about fiery diarrhea poops.

Cabbing (Mis)adventures

So today after I work I finished my Christmas shopping. Good feels all around. Had a crap-ton of large stuff with me so hailed a cab. Driver helped me get some stuff in the trunk, and we’re on our way. “Okay we’re going to Dufferin and Bloor.” Driving. Heading up University.

"Could we please not take Queen’s Park?" (Why go 270 degrees around Queen’s Pk Circle when you can just take a left turn) No response. "Sir?" He slowly turns around and looks at me, "Why?" he says flatly. "…Because it’s quite a bit out of the way." "Well what other way do you want to go?" "We could take College." Then he starts driving up Queen’s Park.

Right as we pass the intersection, I say “Umm… excuse me-” “You said you wanted to take College, I’m making a U-turn” I realize there aren’t any left turns northbound on Univ. so I don’t say anything else. He gets all angry and huffy with me. “You don’t know where you’re going, you can’t make up your mind. If you want to take another cab I will let you get off here and I won’t charge you.” He pulls over when we finally turn onto College (in the bike lane, might I add) and goes to the trunk and opens it to get my stuff out.

I get out of the cab, “I never said I wanted to get another cab.” “Well I don’t want to drive you, you don’t know where you are going. This is my job and I don’t have to drive you and [insert other ramblings here]” “Well I’m not leaving. I’m not getting another cab. I know where I’m going.” After ridiculously debating this he finally gets back into the car and I tell him my preferred route (usually what most taxi drivers have asked me when I first get into the car). After trying to explain that I realized he was just making a U-turn and him still trying to debate and tell me that I didn’t, the rest of the drive is filled with silence and him huffing and puffing, getting frustrated with people on the road.

We finally get to my place and I give him the fare. When he gives me the change, he shorts me 3 dollars for the time we spent when he pulled over and he stopped the meter. I told him I don’t have to pay anything more than what is on the meter (never mind the fact that it would not have even been that much more if he hadn’t stopped the meter). He tries to do some weird change-exchange then gets frustrated and wants to give me an extra $1.50, presumably because he’s fed up with me and doesn’t want to deal with this anymore. “No, I owe you the fare on the meter.” When I try to give him the change he doesn’t take it and gets angry at me for holding up some cars behind us (because he stopped in the middle of the street instead of pulling over).

While I’m gathering my bags and getting the rest of the change I owed, he goes out to open the trunk. Then he comes to open my door to hurry me out. “What is your problem?” I ask him. “You’re holding everyone up!” “I’m getting my bags!” I put the change beside his seat and go to get the rest of my things. He half-assedly reaches his hand out to help maybe lift the handle of a bag. “No, don’t bother, I’ve got it.” I shoot him an icy sideways glare and as I’m leaving and say to him, “I don’t know *what* your problem is, but I hope you have a better day.” He looks defeated.


Poliça #Toronto

Hey @jenniferdipaolo remember in elementary school when our teachers would have to split us up in an attempt to get us to care about sports? Who’d have thought we’d be watching sports in a stadium together now. Yaaaaay best friends! #TML #Leafs #Toronto

I miss the elephants.